Harvest Begins...

Spring has finally arrived in the valley! The strawberries were slow to arrive, but we just got our first harvest of these little beauties last week. Returning to the shelves this week are Strawberry Rhubarb Jam and (for those of you who like little extra kick in the morning) Strawberry Espelette Jam.

Along with your old favorites, we’ve added a new line of veggie broths. Each combination provides its own particular health benefits. Our personal favorite is the asparagus broth. It has a naturally sweet flavor that is perfect on its own, or used as a base for soups. Cook your rice or quinoa in broth instead of water, and it takes your side dish to a whole new level.

The chickens have provided us with an overabundance of eggs as they celebrate the changing of the seasons, so that means pickled eggs are back! Popular in east coast bars, these goodies have been a hot seller. Note that this is a fresh product and needs to be kept refrigerated…so if you want to get your hands on a jar, come visit us on the farm or at farmer’s market. These are not available through mail order. See our webpage for more information on market locations and times.

Other new flavors to tempt your taste buds

Lavender jelly: made with our own apple pectin, it looks beautiful in the jar and tastes even better.

Plumbrillo: a plum version of membrillo (quince paste) that pairs well with Manchego cheese, it’s also sinfully good eaten straight out of the jar.

Sriracha Sauce: this hot sauce is traditionally made with hot chili peppers and sugar. Our version has no sugar, and is sweetened naturally with raisins. A great way to spice up any dish from noodles to eggs to hamburgers.

Sweet Pepper BBQ Sauce: peppers and onions merge with molasses and smoked Korean pepper to create a tasty addition to your summer BBQ.