May Farm Report

Happy summer everyone,

May was a hectic month; lots of coming and going; planting and digging up; stopping and starting. Thus far June has paced itself more deliberately. This has been one of the loveliest springs we've experienced in our thirteen years out here. Recently we had another 1/3" of rain, very unusual, sandwiched by several days of overcast with moderate temperatures all of which thrilled every growing thing, including the wild grasses (and we fear the bugs and fungus). The weed whacking has been and will continue to be endless. The bobcats seem thrilled too and are proliferating. A few days ago yet another chicken was snagged in broad daylight, number 8 this year, and despite hearing the chicken ruckus and running out as fast as we could, the cat was over the fence and gone leaving only a trail of feathers. Not only do we lose a laying chicken in her prime, but the rest of the flock become too upset to lay for a few days. The trap is set and we're awaiting our third cat capture for the season.

MAY 2016


Moderate temps. ½” of rain one day. Been a perfect spring so far.


Clement markets excellent.
Certified Boonville market started w/excellent sales. Missed one due to rain.
Started Mendocino certified market with good sales all month.
On-farm sales good.
Aquaponics: W experimenting - with strawberry “towers”, and watercress “streams” and tomato boxes to come. Planted a fruiting orange tree in a barrel as part of system. Flowering “bee mix” looks beautiful. Goldfish and crawdads are reproducing. Strawberries slowing down. Scallions a hit at market. Turmeric leafing. Garlic looking good. Raspberries fruiting. Rhubarb doing ok. Lettuce gone to seed. Lemon grass starting to divide. Tomatoes and cukes just starting. 2 year old peppers leafing and fruiting. Jalapenos, sweet peppers, and Espelette set already. Celery gone to seed and restarting. Chives, arugula, watercress and choy gone to seed. System running well; not losing too much water to spills or evaporation.
King Pigeons continue to reproduce. 1st baby weighed near 1lb at 4 wks…good weight.
Will create cactus garden in driveway area where bull pine was cut down. Lots of sun.
Pigs are in freezers and selling well. Picked up cow from butcher and started selling beef again mid month. Very much in demand, especially in SF.
Certified markets in Mendocino and Boonville started with a bang. Picked up third batch of chicks. Decided we had too many so only bought 10 this time. But, the bobcats were listening (see below)!
Processed 5 older hens. Sold out in few weeks.
Sold older black hen to C. The 5th or 6th in the past year. ChiChi had second knee surgery. As expected by us, mediation over solar debacle brought no resolution. Negotiations continue through mediator via email.
S went to Austin for five days. C went to Spain for 11 days. K visited for 10 days. CS came for an afternoon. N and J remained at farm. A busy and confusing month!


In ground/producing –kale, thyme, oregano, mint, chives, garlic chives, choy, arugula, beets, garlic, napa cabbage, fennel, lettuce, spring onions, dandelion, Mexican mint marigold.
Continue to make sausage and smoke bacon every few weeks. Sells well.
In aquaponics/producing/experimenting – choy, mint, chives, scallions, celery, strawberries, raspberry, marionberry, ginger, turmeric, lemon, peppers, orange, tomatoes, onion, rhubarb, broccoli.

VAPS Produced

Total VAPs for May: 482
Strawberry Jam, Strawberry Espelette Jam, Blackberry Jalapeno Jam, Pickled Asparagus, Strawberry & Pepper Jam, Strawberry Vanilla Jam, Strawberry Lavender Jam, Strawberry Rhubarb Jam, Pickled Eggs, Escarole Kimchi, Mulberry Jam, Fava Bean Soup
Other goodies:
Jalapeno Candy, fruit roll-ups (quince, pumpkin), popsicles (grape, pomegranate), membrillo


Calendula, bachelor buttons, society garlic, poppys, roses, dahlias, nicotiana, comfrey, fennel, pincushion, love in mist, hydrangea, gladiola, geraniums, holly hocks, lambs ear.

Fruit & Vegetable

Figs not quite ripe. Setting second flush already.
Raspberries in greenhouse fruiting.
Espelettes in greenhouse didn’t quit producing all winter.


Trapped 2 bobcats. Lost 7 chickens total to them (so far).


Moved second batch of chicks outdoors. Need more coops.
Started digging garlic. Good crop.
White rot appeared in older Walla Walla onions. Lost ½ the row. Can’t grow any onion or related crop in that row for 20 yrs.


Cliff’s nieto