April Farm Report

It's been a hard and bumpy ride over the last several months. All sorts of things came to a head or fell on us or converged during this time...good and bad. ChiChi with one knee operation under her paw now needing another, fun and profitable markets, J's house nearing completion, a legal dispute finally coming to a head, several rattlesnakes killed near the 501 house, the uneven success of the sowing schedule for many of the summer crops due to confused weather, large orders out of the blue, dead pigeons, successfully breeding pigeons, overlapping "employee" vacations, harvests coming in early, veggies going to seed too soon, chickens killed - foxes caught, shot hole beetles killing 3 of our hand grafted apple trees and severely damaging 6 others, and just today another chicken eater trapped - a bobcat this time. Gotta take another long ride to the woods to release it. No wonder we're late getting this report out!

But when we remember to lift our heads and look about, we notice that this spring has been one of the loveliest we've ever seen and the farm looks and smells delicious. Since, in contrast, the political scene is one of the ugliest we've ever seen, we have all the more reason to appreciate where we live and the very real beauty and ugliness, life and death, ups and downs of the farm with the goal of keeping our small piece of earth real, functioning and from being defiled.

APRIL 2016


A little rain. No frost. Moderate temps.


Clement markets great.

Boonville OK for winter.

On-farm sales excellent.

A member of the KPIX news team whom Cam met at SF market interested in doing short piece on our issue with the USDA regarding grant process. We’ll see if it materializes.

Aquaponics: Celery, chives, choy, lettuce, watercress going to flower. Strawberries ripening and delicious. Scallions perfect. Turmeric sprouting. Trying garlic: sprouted but too early to tell if it will bulb. Onions not bulbing much. Raspberries fruiting. Rhubarb doing ok.

H & K shot 2 pigs this month. Super meat: too bad can’t sell it.

King Pigeons have 2 babies. They are very ugly when young but beautiful as grown birds. Will weigh at 4 wks.

Capers doing well although haven’t had any very hot weather yet.

Pigs are in freezers and selling well.

LM took cow to USDA slaughter/butcher mid-month. Will have beef for sale again in May. Sold out of previous cow.

Certified markets start first weekend in May.

Picked up second batch of 20 chicks. Lost one of each group to disease.

NSSE denying any responsibility for the damage to our roads when they installed the solar arrays. Will go to mediation.

Had big order out of the blue from group putting on dance party on coast. Scrambled to provide veggies and meat for 200 people in 3 days. Worked out well.


In ground/producing –kale, thyme, oregano, mint, chives, garlic chives, cilantro, chard, choy, escarole, parsley, arugula, mustards, beets, garlic, napa cabbage, fennel, lettuce, spring onions.

In aquaponics/producing/experimenting – choy, mint, lettuce, chives, scallions, celery, watercress, strawberries, raspberry, marionberry, ginger, turmeric, lemon, peppers, orange, tomatoes, onion, rhubarb.

VAPS Produced

Total VAPs for April: 219
Pickled Asparagus, Pickled Fennel, Pickled Beets, Beet Marmalade, Strawberry Rhubarb Jam, Strawberry Vanilla Jam, Grape Jam, Strawberry Lavender Jam.

Other goodies: Membrillo, Pumpkin Leather, Jalapeno Candy, Apple Leather, Prickly Pear Popsicles


Iris, calendula, bachelor buttons, mock orange, society garlic, roses, dahlias, nicotiana, comfrey, fennel.

Fruit & Vegetable

Figs continue to be full of fruit which is sizing up. Last frost date is May 15th.

Raspberries in greenhouse flowering.


Crows stealing eggs and food from chickens.

Lost 2 chickens to predator. Put trap out.


Moved first batch of chicks outdoors.

Some of cactus cuttings from Vets Home in Sonoma are growing. Looking forward to creating a cactus garden near driveway.